Little Saigon San Diego: flower arrangement workshop

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I work for Access community services office, so we do a lot of things like helping women who get abused by their husbands this is the first year that they have the funds from the city for me, a Vietnamese legal advocate to go out there, outreach to do the Vietnamese women I try to do workshop every month.

I try to get the ladies together, and we do activites, we talk, we eat, we sing Something fun to get that way I cantry to get bonding with them and try to get thosepeople that need help to come to us.

I just come in, I talk to Frank and talked to him what I want to do and he said,"This is amazing, this is great! I really support what you guys doing, so maybe we can work together!" I said, "Frank, I would like to have your place and do flower arrangement and he said "Do you need flyers? I can do it it for you.

" I said, "Ok!" He know that we do really good point to get us together as Vietnamese communities and Vietnamese associations They are happy to see each other, happy to talk to each other, to know each other Let's get together and have fun.

No more problems, we are so sick and tired of that.

We do the raffle.

Seven people gotto take home Yes, they so happy.

We like family.