Kristen’s Tropical Flower Vase: Mother’s Day DIY Gift Idea

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A tropical flower vase for Mom! Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and welcome to StudioKnit! Mother’s Day is upon us, and I thought wouldn’t it be really cool if we customizedour flower vase when we give flowers to Mom this year.

I got my flowers from BloomNation.


Itgives you this global online shopping experience because you’re able to look through thousandsof beautiful bouquets of flowers and when you receive them, they are coming from yourlocal florist, so you are supporting local business.

Check out my link in the description belowto browse gorgeous handcrafted bouquets from your local florist at BloomNation.

You’ll see exactly how cool it is.

Some of my favorite memories with my mom areat the beach, so I wanted to design a flower vase with a tropical design especially forher.

I’m using RAFFIA, which can be found atyour local craft or flower shop.

It’s an all natural fiber, fun to play with, and reallyinexpensive.

My two colors here were about three dollars each.

For our materials, we just need Raffia, Scissors,and a vase of any shape.

And we are not using any adhesives, so you can temporarily spruceup any vase in the house! To begin, we will create our cord by braidingraffia.

Then, let’s tie four raffia strands to our braid.

I am tying six bundles of eachalternating color.

Hey, it’s a mini hula skirt! Next, let’s relax and straighten our raffia.

Filling our sink with hot water, we submerge our raffia for about five minutes, then detangleby combing it through with your fingers, then lie it flat onto a towel.

I like working withraffia when it’s still wet because since it’s softer to the touch, so let’s keepat it.

I am first gathering three bundles of theraffia and tying off.

On my next row, I am separating and tying off one more time.

Thesetwo sides will be tied together once they come together on the vase.

And I had some gold wire on hand, so I addedit to my ties for an extra touch of elegance.

Wire is TOTALLY OPTIONAL, since the naturalraffia ties look great, too.

We then just tie it around our vase.

Cut offthe ends, leaving a few strands from each bunch, which we tie under our vase.

Usingextra braided raffia, we can tie it on the top of our vase to keep it in place.

Thisallows us to not use any adhesives and keep our vase just as we found it.

Lets add our flowers! So pretty! Oh, and whenI ordered my flowers from BloomNation, they sent along a BloomSnap, which is a photo ofthe exact arrangement you receive.

Your local Florist uploads photos of their floral designsand my arrangement looked exactly like my BloomSnap.

Very cool! Thank you so much for watching Studio Knit!Please Subscribe and check out more about BloomNation in my description below, as wellas my complete Mother’s Day DIY Gift Idea Playlist! Bye!.

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