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Hello Today We are going to go see flowers yes Today We're going to go see flowers I don't speak Korean well! it's okay Today we're going to go see flowers! yes, let's go let's go! Okay this video is about Korean flower culture so everybody knows about cherry blossoms especially if you are in a couple you go and take photos in front of the cherry blossoms and everyone's social media is full of cherry blossoms but it's not just cherry blossoms in Korea there's other flowers like canola flowers that people will go to just to look at and take photos and near our village in the Korean countryside there is a field of canola flowers planted just so people can look at them they're not harvested or anything they are there just so people can come and walk through and take photos, it's such a big thing in Korean culture in spring, isn't it? yeah, but sometimes it's quite annoying because this is my home town! I just come here with my pajama there's people everywhere they are looking really nice and.

you are such a grumpy ahjussi no I'm not and today there was a festival on so we could hear it all I don't know if the festival is still going i think it's over now maybe quite quiet now yeah so we're just walking over and we are going to show you all the flowers that are right next to our village so here's the greenhouses here's a Gwon family hanok so this is our village and let's go see the flowers that are there there are some lanterns from Jinju lantern festival so they are using it here for another festival they're in like couple shirts Normally the only people we see in our village are old people yes so it's actually quite unusual for us to see people in this area So it's the end of the day, so the festival that they had over here they are now packing up I think so many couples are coming this place and take photos when they have wedding they just come here and they make.

like engagement photos or like couple photos they do proper shooting here and I saw some of them were filming there as well it was quite interesting but it's quite normal there's couples in couple clothing so this is like Korean culture, Korean couple culture so you wear matching clothes and you come to flower areas like this and you take photos together you can come with a professional photographer or you can just do it with your phone and it's really normal like if you are dating someone who is Korean you might do this visit our town "Love is the moment" A lot of kids are just not used to seeing foreigners in this area so they have a good look when they see me what are you doing? You can't find me I can find you you're right there bye bye SpongeBob bye bye Pororo bye bye this guy I don't know the name Shinjjang oh, is that who it is? I smell a familiar smell that I smell at all Korean festivals yeah you love it I hate it What is it called? Beondegi Beondegi and that is the silkworm pupae(?) it's like eating insects yeah but that's tasty I've never seen you eat it not today not today 1, 2, 3 Okay since you are my husband, I think I know you pretty well and I reckon what you want to do now is get a really big stick and whack all the flowers yes I know you Okay so we just took some selfies how many did we take? I dunno Okay we took 63 photos good job are you okay? no, I'm not okay not okay? ohhhh Okay that's it for today and thank you for watching our video if you want to see more videos from us about Korean culture, Australian culture and our intercultural life please hit the subscribe button and you can check out comics on the blog and the webtoon and what else? all the social media all the social media thank you Oppa In Korea if you put the flower on on your hair on your hair or something it looks like you are a crazy person flowers in the hair means you're crazy in Korea.

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