Kaspó dekorálás / Flower pot decoration

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First, decorate the upper part of the terracotta flowerpot with transparent gel paste Draw flowers then with a sharp skewer draw the petals inwards Work your way around the pot, and wait cca 1 hr to dry completely Afterwards, paint the decorated top part and the inside of the pot with matte black acrylic paint Colour the bottom part of the pot with antique copper paint When it's dried (cca 10 mins), with a wet brush, apply black acrylic paint on the metallic surface.

then sponge up most of the paint with newspaper to achieve a blotted effect Work your way around the side of the pot Leave it for 10 mins to dry Pick up a small amount of glaze effect wax paste with a brush and apply it thoroughly on the petals' structured surface Paint the rest of the pot with the wax paste too; a sponge brush can be used to disperse it on the surface Spread decoupage varnish & glue on the back of the patterned rice paper, lifting it occasionally to avoid sticking to the foil, then wait for 15 mins to dry and apply another layer Leave it to dry for another 15 mins Then apply two layers of acrylic primer Cut out the pattern On the back of the pattern spread some decoupage varnish & glue, but this time don't wait for it to dry.

Apply varnish & glue on the side of the pot too and press the pattern on it right away Leave cca 20 mins for the varnish & glue to dry Finally, paint the pot both inside and outside with solvent based glossy varnish.

Source: Youtube