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Today we are going to a museum in Tokyo withChiaki.

Bubs has been really good.

We started out playing with his toys.

He played withhis plane and with his new car that we got.

We stopped for snacks.

We got some cool toysthat will keep his attention.

And then we got on the train and Wendy fell asleep almostimmediately.


Chiaki? Yeah.

Do you love her? Yeah.

Are you excited? Yeah.


And we're going to see some cool flowers? Yeah yeah yeah yeah! And a museum? Then we'regoing to hang out in Tokyo.

Does that sound fun? Is Chiaki your favorite? Yeah.

Well,we found Chiaki! Hey! And she's helping us find our way.


I'm glad you're here.

We'reonly, uh, what, three hours late? I thought you wouldn't be coming, ever! I know, I'mso sorry! It's alright.

We're going to have fun anyway! **classical music** Did you have a good day today? Yeah.

What was your favorite part? Um… Was it the submarine? No… Flowerroom? Yeah! Yeah, you liked the flower room? Yeah! That's great! I'm so glad you likedit.

Wendy liked it too! Wendy liked it too? Yeah.

Okay, so far it's been standing-roomonly and I'm nursing right now, hahaha! Oh, it looks like someone's going to give me theirseat.

That'd be great.

Are you pretty tired? Yeah, we're all pretty tired.

Looks like we'regoing to be finishing this trip the same way we started.

Which is nursing Rosebud and Bubsin my lap.


Okay, what just happened? I don't know… So Bubs had taken his shoesoff so he could sit on the train seat with his feet up.

And then we forgot that his shoeswere still off when we got to our stop.

So what did we do? We got off the train withno shoes on! We just brought them with us! I said, "pick 'em up, Bubs, we gotta go!"And so we ran, huh? Yeah.

We ran so fast.


We ran SO FAST onto the other trainand it was… Hard and crazy.


It was crazy, wasn't it? Yeah.

It was crazy and scary.

And scary? Yeah.

But Bubs was really brave.

Mom said, "carry your shoes, just pick themup and go" and that's what you did, isn't it? Yeah.

Even though it was crazy and scaryhe did it.

Very good.

I'm glad.

That was way crazy.

Alright, okay, do you want to go tothe store or do you want to go home? I want to go to the store.

That sounds like a greatidea.

Let's go to the store.

Waffles and what else did you get? Show the camera.

Bubs didso good that on the way home I wanted to reinforce the good behavior and so we actually– I gavehim the option of stopping at the store again or going home and he chose to stop at thestore.

I wanted to pick up some things for breakfast tomorrow morning so I got some thingsfor me and we picked up some little snacks.

We got these little waffle snacks for hisclass tomorrow that he's really excited to share with his classmates.

And then he pickedout another little matchbox car.

It's been a really wonderful day and we're gonna walkhome now.

Bye! Oyasuminasai! It comes! Here it comes! That was way cool.

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