Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy Vines & Flowers: Part 3

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I'm using a zig marker now just for fun.

Andthis would be shadow side, and this would be the shadow side.

Zig markers are actuallylight, fast and archival.

So they can technically be used in you know what I would call a finishedpieces but I don't do that.

But I'll show you a little bit later a way in which I usezig markers very happily.

Alright now the other possibility is that you can, you cantake a brush and you can, you can make a tone with it.

So what I mean by that is that you'regoing to put a darker, you're going to make a darker side.

You're going to make one partof the brush a darker side.

So you can see that this now has, almost starts to look threedimensional.

This takes a lot of practice but it's fun.

Source: Youtube