Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy Vines & Flowers: Part 2

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So Ivy, there's different kinds of ivy.

ButI would say that this is a pretty typical looking, kind of an ivy design.

So there areso many variations on just this one theme alone.

That you could decide whether you wantto paint this to look very realistic.

Or you want to paint it the way, I just did witha brush.

But in any event, you want to think in terms of having it be, you want it to beeven.

In terms of how you're placing, placing the vine.

You want it to be even in termsof shapes.

And you know, just think in terms of what the real, the real plant would do.

How the leaves would turn towards the sun.

And stay out of each other's way.

So whatyou're after here is something that's very even.

And then you can go ahead.

And you canadd other things to the vine.

Maybe, it's not an Ivy vine, maybe it's some other kindof a vine.

Where you can start to add flowers.

So what you're doing is, you're, you're makingsomething richer and richer.

And there's also one other thing that I want to point out to.

And that's a really neat thing.

A really neat idea.

And it's called Grissaile, which isFrench word meaning gray.

So the first Grissaile paintings were probably done in gray.

Andwhat that means is, you're doing something that starts to look sculpted.

But it's reallyonly with one, with one color.

So, here's an example of a piece that I did for a calendar.

And this is I would call this Grissaile.

Because it's face is all one color.

So, it's a matterof washes.

It almost begins to it almost begins to look like a pencil drawing.

Pencil painting,even.

And what I've done here is I've given it some sense of shadow.

So that it just getsa little bit more three dimensional.

So, now I've mentioned the idea of shadow.

And I justwant to show you.

Because a lot of times, shadows are used with lettering.

So, the wayI do shadows is, I decide where I want my light source to be coming from.

So I wouldimagine.

Let's say we imagine that the light source is coming from this direction.



?So, if the light source is coming from this direction, then everything on the other sideis going to take a shadow.

So, let's see if I can figure this out.

So this would be, thiswould be the shadow side.

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