Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Flowers

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OK folks, in this clip I'm going to teachyou how to draw different types of flowers.

Now right off the bat I'm just going to sayI am not by any means a botanist.

So, if I butcher some of the names of these flowersfor you folks and particularly those who do have a degree in botany and would like tolearn how to draw their favorite flowers, I apologize in advance.

There are many obviouslydifferent types of flowers you can draw.

If you want to draw some sort of garden situation.

This one would be, I would say, a tulip.

One that's closed.

Or obviously, we could comeup here and draw some sort of a daisy situation.

Start by drawing sort of the inner portionof the flower and then come out and draw some of the petals.

The larger petals first thatmake up the outside.

And then obviously, the, the main thing with flowers is you reallywant to take your time to observe what each and every one of them, what kind of shapethey take on in and of themselves.

And then really call attention to the right areas ofthe flower as well.

Like for example with this daisy, I'm going to call the most attentionto the petals that kind of are out in the front.

But then the ones that kind of fallbehind, you draw in just a little bit lighter.

Kind of like this.

And it really just callsattention to the right part of the flower, I think.

Another way to do it would be tocome in here and start by drawing the outer petals first.

Sort of like a four leaf cloverclump type situation.

Then come in and draw maybe the tiny little middle portion.

I wouldsay this one's definitely some sort of clover.

Draw the outer petals first and then obviouslyyou're left with the inner petals.

And you could draw these ones in a little clusterif you like.

Really kind of use your imagination.

Most folks I would say are naturally inclinedto go straight for the, you know, traditional rose type situation when they're drawing theirlittle flower bed, if for some reason they need to.

But chances are if you cared enoughto click on this clip, you actually would like to learn how to draw more than one typeof flower.

So, you know, best way to do it is to look it up and then figure out whichones, you know, interest you as far as drawing is concerned and then just kind of go fromthere.

There's literally limitless options, I think.

There's a lot of amazing ones.

Imean, these I'm just sort of drawing from memory.

Like ones that I've seen.

Like I wouldsay, off the top of my head this one that I'm about to do here would be some sort ofa, oh man, I don't know.

I'm probably going to butcher this here, but I got maybe a wildsort of jungle flower, the kind that have the petals that kind of come out like in wildshapes.

Almost like a lion's mane.

Something that you wouldn't find maybe in your backyard, obviously.

Or, if we really want to get crazy, we could come down here and drawsort of like a tiger, tiger lily type of number where you start with the inner stem and thendraw long almost curvy petals that kind of come out like that.

And then kind of come,and then they have those stems that are kind of the wild ones.

That'll, almost like littleantennas that come out just like that.

So basically you got a lot of different optionsin the world of flowers.

You can go for the daisies, the tulips, the clovers, just youknow, pick a flower that you think would look nice and then really sit down, study it fromall angles and get it down on paper as best as you can.

Just based on what you see.

So,there you go.

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