I like …..我喜歡….

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Hi, guys! It's me, Bella.

This is Bella teaches Chinese.

Today I will teach you how to say "I like to.



I like summer because I can go to the beach and swim.

我喜歡夏天因為呢~我可以去海邊游泳! I like spring because I can see many beautiful flowers and grass.

我喜歡春天因為呢~我可以看到很多漂亮的花花草草! How about you? Which season you like the most? Do you learn how to say "I like.

" 了嗎? 今天你學會怎麼講"我喜歡做甚麼了嗎?"? Tape you video.

Show me whether you can say "I like.

" or not? Bye-bye!.

Source: Youtube