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Now I'm going to show you how to add greeneryto floral arrangements.

Greenery is the base of any kind of floral arrangement you do,whether that's a wedding floral centerpiece or a bouquet or anything else.

I like to usegreens that have a lot of texture.

I like to mix different kinds of greens in the samevase or in the same bouquet.

Today I'm going to be working with some pittosporom and somegeranium just to give a soft, fluffy texture and then to give a little bit more spiky texture.

When you're using greens in a vase like fora wedding centerpiece, you want to make sure that you measure them.

Like everything elsewe're doing, we always want to have a clean stem.

Anything that falls below the waterline is going to have to be clean and cut at a sharp angle, a 45-degree angle, and thenplaced in the water.

Greens in a floral arrangement are the absolutefoundation.

They're the structure.

They're the center.

You want to begin in your vaseby just placing different greens at different heights.

You can always cut them shorter.

You can always place taller greens in.

I want to start to create my structure in the shapeof my arrangement using the greens.

I'm starting to mix things together and turn the vase asI go, clean the leaves off as I go.

I like where this is going with the pittosporum.

That's giving us the height and the geranium is giving us some softness and filling in.

As I fill in with the greens, I'm actuallycreating a little bit of a grid inside the vase.

Ultimately, when you start to put yourflowers in, the greenery grid is going to serve as your skeleton or your frame.

Keepthat in mind as you add the greens and keep peeking into your vase and looking to seethat the stems are crossing and creating that really tight structure for you.

I can addsome in high, I can add some in low.

Once I get this arrangement of greens to theplace where I feel like there's enough structure where I can start to put some florals in,I can do that.

Then, if I need to fill in with more greens as I go, I can.

Right now,it looks like I have a pretty strong structure.

We can test it out with a flower.

If the floweris able to basically stand up or be supported by the other greens, you're in business.

That'show you green for a wedding centerpiece.

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