How to Plant an Herbal Tea Garden

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How to Plant an Herbal Tea Garden.

Stay healthy,keep your purse full, and attract some beautiful butterflies by growing your own herbal teagarden.

You will need Soil bed Garden tiller Compost Bee palm seeds Anise hyssop seedsLemon verbena seeds Mint seeds Chamomile seeds Cup and hot water.

Step 1.

Prepare your soilbed by tilling and adding compost to enrich.

Choose a large area with good sun and drainagefor the best results.

Step 2.

Choose the types of teas you’d like to plant.

Bee balm, anisehyssop, lemon verbena, and mint chamomile are easy to grow.

Step 3.

Plant the seedswith 12 to 18 inches between them and follow package instructions on caring for each type.

Step 4.

Trim the plants, which can grow from 1 to 12 feet tall, though most will only reach2 to 4 feet.

Step 5.

Harvest your tea by removing either the flower or the leaf.

Some teas onlyproduce harvestable leaves, but others, like the anise hyssop, have both leaves and flowersthat can be harvested.

Step 6.

Prepare a cup of herbal tea by adding hot water to a cupover 1 tablespoon of fresh leaves or flowers.

Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruitsof your labor.

Did you know Legend has it that an ancient Chinese emperor accidentallydiscovered tea by inadvertently dropping a few leaves into his boiling water.

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