How to Plan a Garden-Themed Wedding : Garden-Themed Wedding Decor

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Hi my name is Jessica Meiczinger with SimplyDivine Events and I have been planning weddings for a little over 10 years now and I wantto talk about how to decorate your ceremony incorporating your garden themes.

First ofall if you are getting married out in the garden you are either in a canopy of treesor sometimes there is a nice arbor or a gazebo set up so utilize what is there.

If you aregetting married under a canopy of trees it is nice to take nice satin ribbons and hangeither crystals or little mini lanterns if this is the evening just to kind of bringin that whole candle lit look.

It looks great as a back drop for your ceremony.

If you aregetting married in front of the gazebo you can also swag either tuel or fabric.

You canalso have a floral garland and decorate your gazebo that way so at least you have nicebackdrop for your ceremony for the bride and groom.

Another idea is if there is a trellisyou can decorate the trellis in white lights.

You can also hang floral or vines from it.

That is just another option for ceremony decor and then, or if you want to bring in yourown plants to create your own alter area, either if you want to go with a rose gardentheme you could bring in potted rose bushes, you could also do tropical.

If you are ina tropical garden you can do bamboo plants, you can bring in your tropical foliage suchas palms and also bring in some nice tropical bright florals as well.

So those are justsome ideas on how to decorate your ceremony including your garden theme.

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