How to Pick the Right Summer Flower Bulb for You : How to Pick Canna Lily Bulbs

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Hi I am Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of ExpertVillage.

Calla lilies are beautiful beautiful plants that are not really in their own family,they are a canna.

They are native to Mexico so they are one of the few Mexican bulbs thatwe enjoy in our gardens.

They come in many shapes and many colors but one thing thatthey have in common is that they have large leaves that look very tropical so this particularcanna lily is called Derban although it is not native to South African it is from Mexicobut supposedly this was hybridized in South Africa and it can be found all over the world.

The bulb itself is more of a tuber or a root stock and it has lots of runners and the runnerswill take off and develop into new bulbs and they just have little nodes and you can justbreak the off and start new plants.

I have found it is almost easier to leave the inone big clump because you will get a lot of nice show the first year as opposed to splittingit up and taking a few years to get the really nice show.

If you do not split them up thenyou will get a nice clump and you will have huge five to six foot tall blooms the veryfirst year.

They are great in containers because of the foliage.

They are great in an entryway.

They are great in the back of the garden.

There is lots of different canna varieties.

There are shorter ones like Princess Diana which is a beautiful peach color and theyonly get a foot tall and they there are huge ones like Robert Kemps that get eight or nineteen feet tall.

Big green leaves with red flowers.

Whether you plant them in the sunor part shade as long as it is a warm spot.

They will do great and they will just makea beautiful addition to your yard.

Canna lilies are from Mexico but we also have another plantcalled begonias that are originally from Mexico.

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