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Hey everyone Audie G here And welcome to my art studio today We are going to focus on a Mothers Day project A very colorful project In honor of my own mother I lost my mom October 13 2013 from pancreaticcancer As you can imagine I miss her every single day What I have done is taken a look back overher life The last few weeks and the first thing That stood out about my mother is she has alwayes loved flowers She had the most beautiful flower gardens Flowers every where around the house And the second thing that my mother really loved was music And the third thing that my mother reallyenjoyed is birds And she had a real fascination with hummingbirds And i have a collection of porcelain hummingbirds in my home That belong to her and I really cherish them So I wanted to make this mixed media hummingbird piece a celebrationof her life incorporating the things that she enjoyed This is a look back at my Mom in one of her cherished rose gardens I just love this picture My mom was such a beautiful lady And here is a look back at the family piano We shared the family piano As I got older she enrolled me into pianolessons And we shared the family piano and sang I can still remember hearing my mom sing hymns and play hymns So that is one of the reasons I wanted touse sheet music From one of her hymnals in this piece in memory of her So we will take a look at later on in thevideo So where we are now in this piece I am just playing around with a technique that is called one stroke Where you double load or triple load yourpaint brush and you can quickly make all kinds of different flowers with it I just sat down and I was playing around withsome different colors You can choose any colors that you want I have triple loaded my brush I am using white in this particular section I have yellow and burnt sienna in the otherflowers I have yellow and burnt sienna in the otherflowers I have yellow and burnt sienna acrylics in the otherflowers I am just playing around on the palette pieces of paper Playing around having some fun making somedifferent kind of flowers The good thing about this is that it is a great stress reliever I do one flower where i do a more detailedstroke however These are just fun and sit down and just play with your paint Brush and paint and just see what comes out Not really thinking about it just painting With three colors on the paint brush so I hope You will sit down and give it a try and Just paint away and paint flower after flowerafter flower There is a method to my madness Once I paint a whole bunch of flowers I am going To pick out the ones I like the best And take out an old cabinet door that I picked Up four years ago that has been sitting out in my garage and I am going to use that as the substrate And I will collage the painted hummingbirdon it The painted flowers and may be some other things We will just play it by ear and see how itgoes I will let you sit back and enjoy some music That my mother would have really really enjoyed I am laughing at myself here and the way Iam I am just going crazy and free with the paint on my brush and sloshing it all around I am laughing because my friends CinnamonCooney and Angela Anderson if they are watching are probably saying what What is she doing They are fine artists andthey are What is she doing They are fine artists andthey are What is she doing They are fine artists andthey are Wonderful at their trade I have been really blessed that the good Lord brought them into my life and we have somereally wonderful Times on Skype and support one another and they have been Super supportive of me and my artistic journey and I am theirs as well I love them both dearly I am sure most of you already watch their channels If you dont you are missing out and youneed to go check out them out and again that is Cinnamon Cooney the Art Sherpa and Angela Anderson Fine Art And they are both fine artist and as you knowI am a mixed media artist The painting technique i use is a lot different from theirs I have the utmost respect for their craftand what they do They are experts true experts in what they do and I love them dearly I am intuitively adding layers to bring aboutthe depth And dimension we want Do not be afraid to layer your paint Go by what it looks like and feels like Then when you see the look that you like Then you just stop Layer different colors and play with it That is the best advice that I can give is Playing with your paint and picking out Favorite colors that speak to you and layerthem up and see what it comes out to be if it does not work then you can always start over or just keep adding new layers Now I am to the point in the project whereI am Taking my mothers old sheet music That we talked about in the beginning and I am ripping the sides to expose the edgeswhere they I am ripping the sides to expose the edgeswhere they I am ripping the sides to expose the edgeswhere they Will accept the distress ink and to make the edges pop out I am using the Tim Holtz distress stain inthe color Burlap To add some color to the sheet music and make it a little Aged and preparing the base for my hummingbird For your piece you could use old sheet music any old pages from books whatever your favorite Thing is and I have seen people use dictionary pages for collage and all kinds of different papers I have taken a photo reference of a real hummingbird and now I am just roughly sketching it out The decision for the hummingbird was made The decision for the hummingbird was made The decision for the hummingbird was made Based on the color of the flowers There is a lot of pinks and yellows in my flowers So I wanted to make the hummingbird in thedarker colors The hummingbirds here in Oklahoma are the green ruby throated hummingbirds and those are the ones that useto come to my Moms hummingbird feeder but for this piece I had to figure out what was going to makea better composition I had to figure out what was going to makea better composition I had to figure out what was going to makea better composition I feel the colors in this hummingbird is going to make a better composition I am using twlnkling sparkling h2os To give it that vibrant sparkle that you seewhen The sun hits a live hummingbird I am layering on at this point some watercolor caran dache neo color IIs watercolor Crayons and I am using prussian blue in thematisse structure profressional paint I am loosely applying around the edges of the tail To get the orange color i am using the Matissepaint in australian sienna Now I am going to add a little bit of burnt sienna I am layering it around the edges of the headand creating feather like strokes in the head and neck area Applying a little more australian sienna Now we are layering the twinkling h20s in different areas adding a little more burnt sienna on the wings adding a little more burnt sienna at the baseand the bill The beak they have really extra long beaks and are truly amazing birds I am applying neon green from decoart to adda little more interest to the bird Now we are going with the dark green in the h20s Loosely feather like strokes in areas to give it more realistic looking feathers Now we are using the turquoise h2os for alayer Then we are applying a shimmery looking pink to the tail You can use any pink color It will contrast nicely This one of the most important things I am applying acrylic titanium white in differentareas To me I think that titanium white is the magic bullet Titanium white gives a piece dimension likeno other now i am going into the wings with burnt sienna Adding burnt sienna to the bottom feather back to the titanium white and adding a little bit of of Faber Castell watercolor markers in a darkpink color caran d ache watercolor crayon in another color I am going to be layering several differentvaried colors of purple in the tail with watercolor crayons I am add black prismacolor ink to the eye You can add anything to the eye that you have in black Any medium in black color will do I am adding titanium white with the burntsienna to add a circle around the eye now i am adding the white highlight closet to the pupil adding titanium white for the catch light in his eye i am just cleaning up some edges here and adding some shading in different areas with a faber castle pencil I am not going to activate the watercolorpencil because I want the scruffy look this piece is going on an old antique vintage door so we are repurposing here that is the main reason I wanted the edgesto remain scruffy to get the repurposed shabby chic look going The point in the piece I am preparing thebackground The point in the piece I am preparing thebackground The point in the piece I am preparing thebackground with three different colors I would love to hear about your mothers day traditions If you feel like you would love to share Just put it in the comments below I would too just like to know how you aredoing so let me know how you are doing in the comments below I really love reading comments from you guys and sharing in your own journeys along theway we are all in this together and i think that that is what it is all about i am layering these flowers where my eye sees they might look good I want it to look like the hummingbird has just flown into a flower garden just full of colorful flowers of colorful flowers\ now I am taking the chalk pastels and blending with my fingers I am layering the brown color along the edges I decided that pan pastels would be best especially since the pan pastels has the color that I was seeing that I thought would look good I am very lightly applying them around in differentareas I decided to bring out the high flow golden fluid acrylics and you can see how fluid these are becausethis is lying flat and it is still running that is ok because I wanted it to run I am adding in a little bit of lavender in the pan pastel I am adding a few white highlights I think these final touches give it a whimsicaldreamy looking affect Then finally adding a few stems in three colors of green and here we are we will call this done I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial If you did please like and subscribe so you can be sure that you get the notifications when i publishnew content I hope that you have a wonderful mothers day and if your mothers are no longer here my heart goesout to you I wish you extra hugs and love If your mothers are here I hope you will spend time with them and do not take any second for granted.

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