How To Make Your Own Craft Paper Flowers Tutorial

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Hello I'm Anna Marie and you are watchingcreative craft channel, today what I would like to show you is how to make thislovely flower arrangement ok and what you going to need to make this flower, is a choice of your flower that you have at home selection of stamens and what I amgoing to actually be using as well is this beautiful mix flower bud which areessentially sprigs but you can actually pull them apart and give yourself justextra stamens but what these look like they're not just pearl they alsomicrobeaded finish and for me textured finish and that's what addsthat extra interesting factor to your projects right so what you going to needis just a scrap piece of card and just you can cut it just roughly as you seein a non regular size fold in half half again and where you have this cornerfolded corner just put your thumb just on that side and cut a little circle this is never going to be a perfect circle as you can see but youcan trim it down into something that is close by you don't have to worry aboutabout this part in particular because this is a base that's where everythingelse is just going to be placed right what your also going to need is pinflair glue andI am applying and nice chunky amount to my circle and you wonder why do I need so much ofof pinflair glue but I can promise you that this amount of glue will serve mecouple of purposes and will save me a lot of time from now we'll be going todo is go for our stamens so if you begin with one color and let's say this isyour green then you can go for two blues and these pearl essen stamens are justbeautiful I take two of them and just at the end a kind of very gently twist themthis is just for me to actually pop them in together without much problem reallynow have already taken out of the blue but what I wanted to go for is actuallywhite so I need to concentrate and this is white now I'm going back to my greenand blue and as you can see what I am doing alternating the colours I also wouldlike to point out that the pinflair glue you do not apply to close to the edge ofyour circle you really want to leave yourself a little gap and nowgreen again and now aim for a lovely microbeaded finish and blue again you can also see that Iam NOT squashing the pinflair glue it's important that you do not press downthese stamens are very very light very delicate as long as you just press andput it down and gently just touch it would be absolutely secured and I'm backto green now and white and green so I'm just gonna go for the foamy effect andblue again this type of flower is one of my all-time favorite flowers it simplybecause you can actually essentially create so many different variationsusing so many different products and each time you will create a completelyunique flower, what I have done here it's like outer circle what I'd like todo now is just take different couple of stamens and I've got this beautifulbeautiful light green color stamens that I am just going to pop em justrandomly here and there but one thing to remember is just go slightly in insideof the circle so a little bit shorter than your other stamensshowing right we've got we now creating a littlebusier circle and we're almost done with this part just a few more and again as youcan see I am NOT pressing down my glue just yet we've got another itemto come and again that item will change a flower and make it even more beautifuland bouncy so this product that I'm going to use next it's called dried flowersthis is a natural product and you can break it into smaller pieces andthis is why been glue in this amount is so essential because all I amdoing now is just adding my dried flowers onto my pin and you can see butit's not really shouting and screaming it's not clashing with anything else butit's just adding that lovely bouncy look to it just few more to finish this offand next part of a flower is done as long as you touch the pinflair glue you will beabsolutely fine so break a few more pieces and that is done lovely as you can see I have a littlecircle here a wooden circle which enables me to actually spin the circle ratherthan actually handling the flower so now I'm back to my big center rose and I'mapplying a fab glue to the back of it and this is another lovely product which is calledvoile to the back and you can have as much as you like but if you keep thevoil flat to the back of your flowers just going to look a little bit sort of flat what you wantto do gather the voile in just like you see now this will definitely create thisvery textured very bouncy look and because you see through, the glue theone blob of glue that I have applied it's absolutely enough if you thinkyou've got too much outside just gather in to the back a little bit more and youshould be fine right now this is what we have here and this is going to go in themiddle now if you're if you think to yourselfI've got a little bit too much showing you could always just pull a couple of fibresout just to create more sort of shabby look and I'm going to stick this flowerwith the pin flair glue, just a little bit in the middle you can see I've still got pin flair onthe outside and I will be absolutely fine and I'm placing it in the centernow that my flower is done I am actually going to press it down but one thing I'mgoing to add to this arrangement is this lovely product called crushed ice I it'sbeautiful and sparkly and all I'm doing is using a pinflair glue on my finger Iam smudging and touching my flower just a little bit in few places like you seeand now the magic to it and also if you have any other areas of pinflair or any other glue showing you could obviously sprinkle that on to it and that willbeautifully beautifully cover everything so that is the flower have just created it's a very very easy flour to make andas I said you can create so many different variations I hope you enjoythis video and I hope you will be making lots of flowers thank you.

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