How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Rose Bud with Gum Paste

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In this clip we'll be making a rosebud usingthe cone that we just made.

The cone is now dry and hard and it'll be a good base forour flower, for our rosebud here.

We'll also need our crafting foam to support our petals,our petal pad to cup our petals and our roller and our ball tool.

Also this type of a cutteris specifically for roses, it's a five petal cutter.

You can get this online and even alot of the stores, this is a basic design.

You'll find these in crafting stores as well,cake decorating stores.

So I'm starting here with a piece of gum paste that I have rolledout and I'm going to go a little thinner on it before cutting.

I roll almost as thin so I can kind of seemy background almost coming through.

There we go our first layer here.

I'm going to bring in my petal pad and I'mgoing to soften the edges of each petal with using the large end of my ball tool.

I willgo half on the petal and half on the petal pad, just drawing around.

Then I flip it overand I'm going to cup, just by pressing in the center slightly, towards the center ofthe flower, cup each petal.

I take, bring in my egg white, and I put a little egg whitein the center.

Now I poke through the center of the petals and I bring in my crafting foam that has ahole in the center and this is going to help me support each petal as I create this rose.

So it looks like this, I'm hanging onto this.

I'm going to start with my number one petal,which I'll call the top petal.

Using my egg white I go about two-thirds of the way upand I take that petal and I wrap one way and then the other way.

Wrapping the tip of thecone and creating the very center of my rose.

A little more egg white in that flappy part,because we want it nice and tight, because it's the tightest part of the flower there.

Next you go to the petal to the left,and we bring those up and wrap around.

You also need to make sure you get the sides.

The last two petals put your egg white two-thirds of the way up, and where those seams met thosecome up.

Last one up in place andthose just barely touch there, and we get them hugging each other.

You can pull it offyour foam, give everything a good pinch and there's your rosebud.

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