How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Medium-Sized Rose with Gum Paste

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In this clip, I'm going to show you how tomake a medium sized rose.

Using the rose bud that we just made, by adding another layerof petals to the rosebud.

So, here I have rolled out, thinly again, the gum paste.

Usingthe cutter, just like we did in the rosebud, cutting out another set of petals.

We're goingto bring in our petal pad, so we can soften the edges, using the large tip of the ball.

Now looking at your petal, we have these fivepetals.

Thinking of the top one as the head and these two little arms, we're going tocut in the two little arms by pressing and pulling towards the center.

Then, we're goingto flip that over and on the remaining petals, we're going to cut those the opposite way;cupping in the center.

We're going to flip it back over, and we're going to get our rosebud,and bring in our egg white, and we're going to put egg white around the bottom half ofthat bud.

It goes in through the center, and then bringing in our petal support here, feedthat through the hole.

Now we're going to line up these two arms with the seams on ourrosebud.

We're going to put egg white, two-thirds of the way up.

We're going to bring that up,pinch it around, and do the same thing on the other side.

Now for the remaining petals, we're goingto bring those up and tuck them in.

Now these get pinched kind of low and we curl the outsideedges.

Bring them up and pinch down low, at the base, and pinch these in.

Curl them outward.

So, the two, in ones, curl in, and these three outer leaves curl out.

You don't want to pinchup too high, because this is what gives your flower it's fullness.

We can pull it off ofhere now.

Just play around with it until you like it.

Then we hang it upside down to dryon our drying rack, and now that's how you make a medium sized rose.

Source: Youtube