How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Calle Lily with Gum Paste: Part 2

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In part two of the calla lily, we're goingto create the petal.

So we're going to start by; I have a metal cutter here and these typesof cutters are for gum paste you can get online.

If you don't have these types of cutters,the calla lily is a simple pattern.

It's a tear shape drop you can cut, which I did hereout of an index card.

You can just lay it on top of the gum paste and cut around witha little knife and that will work fine too.

So, you'll need your balling tool to softenthe edges and you'll need your little roller.

So I have here in my hand a small piece ofwhite gum paste that we're going to be rolling out.

You have your shortening nearby and ifit sticks, you can grease your rolling pin.

Roll it out and keep lifting it up and movingit just to make sure it doesn't stick too much to the board.

It's a good idea to keepflipping it and rolling it.

And you go almost as thin to where you can start seeing yourboard through.

Like I can see a little of the blue coming through, and that's how Iknow I've gotten it thin enough.

With my cutter; remove the excess that I don't need anymoreand I stick that under my cup to keep the air away.

Now I bring in my petal pad, andwith my ball tool I'm just going to go around the edges to soften them.

Now you do thatby putting my large ball half on the petal and half on the petal pad.

Starting at thetop, I just drag it around, and then I do the other side.

I'm going to take my egg whiteand I'm going to brush it on both sides and a little at the bottom.

I'm going to liftit up into my hand and take my center and place it right down the center.

Now I wrapone side and then the other side and I'll use another little dab of egg white to sealthe edge there.

I'm pinching close to the stem, at the base, and then you would standit in your foam to dry.

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