How to Make Sugar Gum Paste Flowers : Making a Calle Lily with Gum Paste: Part 1

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In part one of making the Calle Lily we'regoing to start by making the stem.

The Calle Lily has a thicker stem, so to start withwe are going to take our 16 gage wire and we're going to take 3 pieces that are about4 inches long, and we're going to take our florist tape.

Now florist tape is self sticking,and so you just start and fold over the top, so pinch it to itself.

Oops, it came off.

And actually I'm going to work it the other way.

You'll find which way works comfortablewith you.

I pinch it, and stick it and stretch it a little.

And as I stretch, I'm going toroll and bring it down the length of the stem.

I'm keeping this taught and I am twistingand rolling.

Now when I get to the end, I'm going to give myself a little leader striphere, and I'm going to flip it in and I'm going to go back down the other way.

Justwrapping and rolling nice and tight.

And that's created a thick stem for us.

Just tear it off.

And that's what we've createdhere.


So this next part is, we've got some yellow gum paste that we've colored.

And its about the size of a large grape.

We're going to roll that into a little sausage that'sabout an inch and a half long.

I've got my egg white off to the side here, and I'm goingto take my stem here that we just made and dip it in.

And I'm going to insert that rightup the center of that center, this yellow center.

You can feel it going up just about2/3 of the way in and smoothing it out.

I like to taper the tip just a little bit.

Andthen I cover the whole center with the egg white.

And I use kosher salt, and I roll thisin some kosher salt to give it a more authentic look, a more realistic look from nature.

And this concludes part 1 of making our CalleLily.

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