How to Make Royal Icing Daffodil Flowers

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For this project you'll need mediumconsistency icing tinted with lemon yellow icing color.

You will also need a tip 104, tip 3, and a tip 2.

A flower nail and templateand finally a flower square or small square of parchment.

Attach thetemplate to your flower nail.

Using a dot of icing attach your icing flower square.

Hold your decorating bag with tip 104 ata 45 degree angle at three o'clock with the wide andlightly touching the center of the nail.

Using steady pressure move out thenback to center as you spin the nail 1/6 of a turn.

Start thesecond petal by lightly touching the wide end of the tip to the center of thenail, pipe a second petal.

Repeat to make fourremaining petals.

With your fingers dipped in cornstarch lightly pinch the end of each petal to slightly cup.

To make the daffodil center hold the decorating bag with a tip 3 ata 90 degree angle.

Pipe a dot in the center then move in a circularmotion piping an open coil.

Make sure the basein the coil is more narrow than the top.

Switch to a tip 2 and hold the decoratingbag at a 90 degree angle slightly above the coil.

While turningthe nail, pipe a zigzag trim to the top edge.

Source: Youtube