how to make paper flowers -bouquet of roses

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How To Make Paper Flowers Bouquet Of Roses Crepe Paper Hot Glue Gun, Scissor, Ribbon Floral Tape, Artificial Leaves, Beads, Paper Glue Cut crepe paper to 10 cm x 60 cm Fold crepe paper like shown Twist folded crepe paper like shown Prepare the stem Wrap the stem with floral wire Roll and glue twisted crepe paper around the stem Voila! a paper rose is almost ready! Secure it with thread Attach an artificial leaf to the stem and secure it with floral wire Let's form the bouquet of roses fill every empty space with smaller flowers (i'm using organza flowers) Tie it up with floral wire After wrapping the stems with satin ribbon the paper roses bouquet is done Or we can create something simpler like this, with shorter stems it can be a cute boutonniere HOW TO MAKE PAPER FLOWERS BOUQUET OF ROSES.

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