How to Make Gumpaste Parrot Tulip | Marian Studio

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I began by making the pistil and rolled it into a long teardrop shape I placed the moistened wire and pinched it secure then, I used a xacto knife to make 4 dents on the top Moving onto the stamens, I rolled a ball and placed the moistened wire into it and pinched it secure I used a dresden tool to make a mark on the middle, and then I pinched the tip slightly I repeated that until I had 6 stamens in total Moving onto the petals, I kneaded the magenta gumpaste with shortening until it was soft and pliable I rolled it over the groove board about 2 mm in thickness and I cut out my petals and I did that again until I had 6 petals in total With each petal, I inserted a moistened wire and pinched it in place then, I veined it I used a ball tool to cup the edges of the petals towards the center I dried all them on an apple tray for 24 hours Once they were dry, I continued to dust them I proceeded to tape the center together and used a tweezor to spread them out, then I taped the petals The first layer of petals will be a little bit higher than the second layer and for the second layer, each petal will be placed in between the petals from the first layer I steamed my flower to set the dusts and give it a beautiful sheen.

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