How to Make Flowers from Onion. Tips About Onion and Olives.

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Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Gala.

My video is about onion.

How to cut onion without rolling on cutting board.

I found useful technique for myself and share with you.

I put bread on cutting board under onion.

It helps to keep it in same place.

When we start making flower, we need to check where is middle of onion will be on knife’s blade.

To make flower more beautiful, we need to separate layers.

Layers not always separate easy 🙂 To make second shape of flower Japanese technique, but I don't remember how it call.

We need 2 knifes.

One knife (orange) is going on middle of onion.

Second red knife is going on angle to orange knife.

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Second technique needs little practice.

It not look like flower yet.

When we separate layers, it will be look like flower.

I can call it tulip 🙂 It is not just beautiful flowers, we can practically use it in our kitchen , specially for Holidays.

Like example, I decorated my tuna sandwich with marinated onion flower filled with basic green onion salad.

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Com My simple tip.

Olives dry so fast.

If you serve for party, use oil to coat it with neutral taste vegetable oil and it is going stay shiny.

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