How to Make Easy Piped Flowers | Cake Decorating

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My next one is a chrysanthemum.

So, what I'mgoing to do is start on the outside and just push my yellow frosting.

This is just a niceround tip.

Just let it come right out.

I'm just making little spikes all the wayaround.

And then I'm going to build my next layer.

So, this is going to be a really nicebeautiful flower.

And you can see I'm not being too particular.

I'm just letting it, kind of, do it's thing.

I'm pushing and then pulling away.

And nowthat I have that one layer I'm going to come and just start working on my next.

And building all the way around.

Same idea.

I'm using yellow but you can really use any color that you love.

This is even, this islike a sunflower really.

This is really nice.

And then, like a nice,you could put jelly beans or some little black candies right in the center.

Or little colorfulball candies.

And you have a really fun design.

Let's do that.

I'm going to choose an orange,maybe.

Just right in the middle.

Really pretty.

And then eat them.

Maybe I'll top that one off also.

You cansee how fun.

We're, kind of, building a little garden here which is really cute.

So, my next one I have my white icing withjust a little bit of a V tip.

And I'm just going to make, kind of, a cute little flower.

And I'm going to hold it sideways.

And I'm just going to push out.

And same idea.

Just let it, kind of, cometo me.

And this is just a really easy, almost like our leaves.

And same idea.

Can go rightin the middle and do another layer.

And we're, kind of, building those petals.

And then just fill it in.

Even this one would be really cute with some sprinkles right inthe center.

Just really pretty.

And then last but not least a really simple,you can take that same round tip.

And if you just wanted to pipe little beads all the wayaround we can do some really cute little flowers.

If you, kind of, push off as you go aroundyou can get these cute little dots without necessarily getting those kiss shapes thatwe had before.

You could do a couple of those.

Kind of all over.

Would be really cute.

And a couple of pretty colors right in themiddle.

How cute is that? And then if you wanted to add some leaves.


So, how fun and cute and easy.

Some reallygreat techniques.

All you need is a good piping tip, a few different varieties and a few greatcolors of frosting and you can have really fun flower cupcakes.

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