How to Make Easy Carrot Flowers

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Hi, I'm Nita Gill with Vegetable Fruit Carving.


In this short video I am going to show you how to make some real pretty and super easycarrot flowers.

I'm going to show you 3 ways to make themending with the fastest easiest way.

Now why don't I start with the fastest easiest way?Well, because you might not have the tools necessary to make them that way.

So I'll showyou three ways so even if you don't have any specialized tools, you'll be able to makethese pretty carrot flowers.

For this first method, all you'll needis a carrot, a pointed paring knife, and an ordinary peeler.

First, I'm going to just lightly peel the outside edgesof the carrot, simply to get off this uneven looking skin.

So, something like that is justfine to start with.

I'm going to hold my carrot like this in one hand and with my other handI'm going to choke up on a knife.

So, I've got a finger on each side of the blade – I'mnot touching the sharp portion of the blade, just each side.

And then with these two fingers I'm goingto either keep my fingers on the carrot or on my fingers, and what this does isit allows you to have a steady hand as you cut So what we're gonna do is – we're going tocarve a groove like this.

And then this cut angles back towards the first cut I made sothat when the cuts meet, this piece will lift out and we are left with a groove in ourcarrot like this.

So, we're gonna do that all the way around.

We'll do another one here,cut here, and remove the piece.

OK, so we'll do that all the way around.

Next, all you do is take your knife and makesome slices and you have some pretty carrot flowers.

Super simple, right? You can usethese in soups or salads.

Now let me show you an easier way.

This time, I'm going to start with a yellowcarrot.

And I'm going to use a v cutter tool that has a V shaped cutting surface.

The wholetool looks like this.

You simply cut your grooves in the carrotusing the tool, like that.

So this is faster because instead of making 2 slices for eachgroove, you're doing it on one action, one cut.

And you do that all the way around.

You can see that I'm keeping these 2 fingerson the carrot or on my hand.

And that serves to steady my hand as I carve.

And also, I'mholding my carrot.

I'm not holding my carrot like this, If I held my carrot like this, I'd cut my fingers, so, you want to keep your fingers out of the way of your cuttingtool.

So, now we have our grooves going all the way around.

Now, we can cut like we did before and ourflower is going to be like this.

Now I'm going to show you an easier way tomake very thin slices.

This is called a mandolin and it allows meto make very thin slices just be simply running the carrot across the surface and the bladecuts it.

So what we end up with are these nice, very thin pieces.

These thin flowershapes cut with the mandolin, actually have some translucency to them, which makes thempretty.

Depending on your style of mandolin, you can also just tilt it up and do it likethis, and you end up with lots of pretty carrot flowers very quickly.

The easy way, I'm going to demonstrate withthis purple carrot.

And one of the reasons that purple carrots are fun for making theseflowers is because they have yellow centers.

So notice that I haven't peeled this yet.

I'm going to peel it with a specialized peeler that has a wavy blade.

This is what is lookslike.

So, this makes it super easy.

Instead of cutting individual grooves, you just peeland groove the carrot in one step, like this, all the way around.

Using the mandolin, you do the same thingthat you did before, and you've got very fast and pretty purple carrot flowers with yellowcenters, fast and easy! You can make lots of carrot flowers in a veryshort time this way.

You can also use a food processor with a very thin slicing blade.

Now you may notice that these look curled,making them look a little bit more like real flowers.

How's that done? You simple put themin cold water for 10 minutes or up to about an hour – these have been in for about an hour- and you can see that they curl up really nicely making them look a little more likereal flowers.

Pretty aren't they? So what can you use your carrot flowers for?If you are going to use them for soup, you may want to keep them a little bit thicker,slicing them with a knife.

I especially like to use these carrot flowersin salads because they make the salad so pretty and people always oooh and aaaah over themthinking that they took a long time to create.

You can make your carrot flowers a day oftwo in advance.

Just seal them with a little bit of water inside plastic bags and storethem in the refrigerator.

These, I made 2 days ago and they're still looking great.

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I hope to see you there.

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