How to Make Ceramic Flower Pots : How to Use Flower Pots as Home Decor

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Hi, I am Nipa Banerjee from Art Space Indiatalking on behalf of Expert Village.

Now, I am going to show you pottery flowerpots.

See, this is the flower vase of blue and off-white color.

It will go with the decor of the roomif the curtain is blue and all the furnishing is of blue color.

This is a different shapeand the color is black and white.

Now a days, in modern age, black and white is a very popularcolor and the finishing is matte finish.

Black and white color is more popular in contemporaryart.

And, we have another flower vase, which is long neck, and this effect is tone effect.

This is stoneware flower vase.

There is one more design which is like a glass and thereis a leaf impression on this flower vase.

Thank you.

Source: Youtube