How to make buttercup flowers with wafer paper/ Ranunkel-Tutorial aus Esspapier

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Hello and welcome to another video on my channel! My friend and her husband both recently got 40 and they put their birthdays together to celebrate their 80 birthday.

They asked me to make a cake for them.

I decorated the cake with buttercup blossoms made of wafer paper.

Today I want to show you how to make these buttercup blossoms.

You need: 3 motive puncher in different sizes (you can get them in any handicraft shop) scissors water powder colours in the colour you prefer (I took the colours white, green, pink with glitter) brushes in different sizes and a tooth pick wafer paper First of all I will cut stripes in different sizes for the different motive puncher.

Now I take the pieces I just punched and cut a line to the middle of the circle.

Then I moisten the wafer paper around the line with a little brush and overlap both ends, so you get a cone.

Repeat with the other paper cut-outs.

Ensure not to use too much water, otherwise the petals will stick togethers.

I formed little balls out of gum paste and put them on tooth picks.

For the smaller buttercup flowers I took the smallest puncher and for the outside of the blossom the bigger one.

Now I moisten the ball with a small brush and then take three petals.

I fix the first petal, then moisten again and fix the second and third one as well.

Ensure that the overlapped side faces downwards.

Repeat with five petals for the second layer.

Fix the petals into the spare spaces.

For the third layer take six petals, for the fourth layer ten and for the fifth 9.

For the last second layers I take the oval petals.

First 7 petals.

You can decide how big or small your blossom should be.

For a full blossom the last layer consists of 9 petals.

Now moisten the upper part of petals and slightly bend them to create a natural effect.

Here I show you a bigger blossom that I made out of the oval and the biggest petals.

The number of petals is the same as for the smaller blossom.

The procedure is the same.

For the last layer you take the big petals and fix them around the tooth pick.

Finally I put some powder colour in the colour you like into the middle of the blossom and the upper parts of the petals.

Now your buttercup flower is finished! I hope you liked this video! Thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe!Show me your results on instagram or facebook.

In the next video you will see the complete cake.


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