How to Make Buttercream Cherry Blossom Flowers

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Hey everyone, it's Beth from the Wilton Test Kitchen.

It's buttercream flower series time again.

Today I'm going to show you how to make a really sweet cherry blossom.

So I have all of my icing setup and I've used burgundy icing color to color my icing.

I have a very light shade which is really kind of a pink and I have a darker shade here; this i'm going to use for the centers of the flowers.

I've also colored a little bit of very, very pale gray and i'm going to use this to pipe a branch because cherry blossoms grow on trees and oftentimes when you see them in designs, they are coming off of branches.

I also have some white icing ready to go.

So cherry blossoms we're going to make in the five petal flower style which means we need to use a petal tip.

I really like these with tip 101, 102, and 103 and when you combine the sizes together you get the kind of a realistic portrayal of what a cherry blossom tree would be.

I have my disposable decorating bag cut, we're going to stripe a bag with the different colors of icing so that we get a nice varigation in the petals of our flowers.

I'll show you the tip 103 first, the largest of the petal tips we're going to use.

My bag's already cut so I'm just inserting this down into the opening and i'm going to stripe the bag with the pink where the wide end of the tip is, because we want the pink to come out at the fat end of the petal which will be at the center.

So carefully put that all the way down into the tip and scrape it up the bag and then fill the rest of your bag with white icing.

You can use a medium consistency icing for this.

It'll give you a really nice definition for your petals.

When you do bag or brush striping, it's helpful to start off of your cake or cupcake and squeeze out some of the icing to make sure that you get both of the colors going before you start piping on your project.

It took a little while for my pink to start flowing out, but now I see it so that means it's going to come out on my flower.

We're going to build these guys on a flower nail and you can use a parchment square, but here's a helpful tip: if you run out of parchment at home you can use wax paper too that works great for buttercream flowers.

We're going to make a simple five petal flower.

This is really similar to an apple blossom or a wild rose, so if you've made those you have the cherry blossom with no problem.

We're going to hold the bag at a 45 degree angle with the white under the tip facing the center of the nail.

We're going to squeeze, come up slightly while rotating the nail, and then back down to the center, and then stop the pressure and move the tip away for the first petal.

We're just going to repeat that four more times.

I also have a bag with darker burgundy icing and a tip 1, a really tiny round tip.

We're going to use that to pipe some dots right in the center.

We're going to make about five and they don't actually touch each other.

Pop this off of your flower nail onto a sheet pan and into the freezer.

You want to let go until it's completely frozen through.

So my cherry blossoms are in the freezer but they're really shallow so they warm up really quickly, so you'll want to be ready with your project before you take them out of the freezer, that's why I'm going to pipe my branch now while they're still in there.

I have some very pale gray icing, really pretty, and a tip 3 so a small round, and i'm going to pipe a little branch on my cupcake.

Here you just want to give it some different dimensions and movement.

This is going to give us something to hang our flowers off of just like the real thing.

So I have different sizes here from my different petal tips, we'll just peel them gently off of the waxed paper squares and put them onto our branches.

And i love the way the different sizes look really makes it realistic and very pretty.

The cherry blossom is a really sweet flower and it's super easy to do so all the way around great thing to know.

Now you know what to do – comment below which flowers should we do next month and if you liked this video, give me a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to the channel because we have new ideas coming for you all the time and we'd hate for you to miss one.

I'm Beth and I'll see you soon!.

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