How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : Tips for Adding Flowers to Wedding Arrangements

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Now for our last two elements of our arrangements.

One is the Anthurium.

Again, like I said before I love Anthuriums because of the heart shape.

They're so romantic.

These should be placed basically at the base.

Just kind of feel yourway through the arrangement and poke it through.

And of course it's going to curl a littlebit, so just kind of play with it until it flattens out just a little bit.

Next are theDendrobium Orchids which come in peach like this, soft pink, purples, whites, purple andwhite.

They come in bunches of eight to ten stems.

They do tend to cling to each other,the best thing to do is kind of shake it and they will let go of each other.

They alsocome in water tubes.

When picking out a bunch you always want to make sure there's at leasthalf the tube is filled with water.

That means they're really fresh.

Just cut them off likethat and just kind of work it.

Pull your lilies apart and insert.

This gives it a much biggerlook, more of a flow, and more of an impact for when you walk into a room and you seeseveral tables filled with these arrangements.

Your guests will be in awe.

Again, just doit symmetrically around, it doesn't really matter.

So the next thing I will be talkingto you about is the placement of your arrangement on your table.

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