How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : How to Pick a Vase for a Wedding Centerpiece

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Now we'll be talking about picking out thecontainer for your centerpiece.

The most important thing about your centerpiece on any tableis to make sure that you do not block the view across the table.

Your guests want tobe able to see each other.

They don't want to be looking at flowers and someone's head.

This is a good size because your flowers are going to be on top of this, and they can seethrough the container.

This is a good container also.

It's low, you can do a pave`.

You willhave to tape this though, to keep your flowers in place.

A fish bowl, commonly known as thebubble bowl.

You can also do a pave`, or you can have live fish, depending on what kindof theme you're going for.

You have this box container.

It's just made of wood.

Just stickyour oasis in, do a nice pave` also.

Again, you want to keep it low.

Ceramic, also a goodchoice.

Good to use oasis in.

Same with this one.

It hides the oasis so you're not havingto cover it.

These are examples here, here, and here, and of course, here.

This wouldbe good for a rectangular table because of it's oblong shape.

Again, notice the height.

It's not too tall.

This can be done for each person.

You can have eight to ten of thesein the middle, so each person can actually take something home.

You can have somethinglike this, a nice floral.

Again, not too tall.

This is a nice height, it covers your oasiswith your t-leaf, and it's just pretty.

Next we'll be discussing working with oasis.

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