How to make a tulip card

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Hi! Today, I propose to make a card with atulip printed using a potato.

This is a nice project for Mother's Day orjust to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

In the support document, you will find thepatterns needed to make the leaves, the stem and the flower.

Copy the different patterns onto waxed paperor tracing paper.

Take a large potato and cut it in two witha large knife.

Place each pattern on the potato and cut aroundeach shape with a paring knife to create the necessary stamps for the tulip.

Using potatoes as stamps is a nice way todo painting projects with younger children.

Take a half sheet of construction paper andfold it in half to form the card.

Put green paint in a recycled styrofoam trayfor example and dip the stamp of the stem in the paint.

Then press the stamp in the middle of thecard to leave room for the leaves on either side.

Next take the stamp with the leaf and pressit on each side of the stem.

If children have difficulty holding the pieceof potato, push a fork into the potato.

It may be easier to handle.

Wash your Styrofoam tray or take another one and put one or two colours of paint for theflower.

I chose to paint my tulip in a mixture ofred and yellow.

Dip the stamp of the flower in the paint andthen press the stamp on top of the stem.

The potato printing technique is ideal foruse with a group because the stamps will hold their shape overthe entire time of the activity.

To print the illustrated instructions forthis project click on the link below the video and visit the Animaplates website to findhundreds of creative projects.

Source: Youtube