How to Make a Tropical Floral Arrangement : Picking a Vase for a Tropical Flower Arrangement

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GREG HAREM: There are several different typesof containers that you can use for your tropical arrangement.

Several different glass typeswhich is a cylinder; glass square or what we call a short cylinder, short, fat cylinder.

With this, using oasis, you must cover your oasis with either a tea leaf or horsetail,which I'll be discussing later through the show.

Ceramic is also good.

Also a woodenbox is also good.

Metal is also very good, too.

You just want to make sure you're notgoing to ruin the container.

You should always line it with either plastic or something toprotect the actual metal from rusting.

Again with the metal, ceramic, or wood, you do nothave to cover your oasis, which cuts your time down just a little bit.

But to me, usingthe clear and covering the oasis adds more interest and another kind of element to yourdesign.

So next, I'll be telling you about dealing with your oasis.

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