How to Make a Rose Bouquet : Adding Filler Flowers to a Rose Bouquet

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O'kay the last step of this arrangement isto add a filler flower and what we are going to use today is Heather.

Heather is a nicelined flower but it looks gorgeous with the pink roses.

When you are selecting a fillerflower you are going to want something that does enhance the color of the rose so againwe are using Heather and we strip off all the foliage that will go under the water lineand this has a very woody stem so what you can do is just break it like that and it willactually take up more water that way.

We are going to use the Heather for the filler gapsand just enhance the shape of the arrangement.

And usually three to five pieces is enough.

We are going to do five and this is how you add the filler flower.

Source: Youtube