How to Make a Lily | Origami

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The first step for the origami lily is we're goingto fold a diagonal fold with the color side up, from one corner all the way up to theother corner.

Make sure they're nice and lined up, so that they're not off to the side.

Getit nice and precise right there.

Put a finger down, slide your finger down and then outto the edges.

That should give you a really nice diagonal with some sharp points there.

Open that back up and then do the other diagonal fold, and once you have both of those it'llgive you a nice plus, right in the middle of the paper.

Flip the paper over and then now we're goingto do book folds, the bottom edge all the way up to the top, and again be as preciseas you can.

Nice thing about origami, it's not about how fast you go, just try and benice and accurate.

And once you get the other one, fold the second book fold just like that.

And once you've folded the second book fold, go ahead and leave it folded down.

What we'regoing to do is we're going to pinch near the top of the four corners of the paper and onceyou've pinched near the top of those four corners, just rotate them up, and you cansort of get them all to touch each other and that's going to make a square base.

You can flatten that back down where it'sequal, it's going to have two on each side.

It's got two flaps on each side and it's notmaking any new creases.

It's just using the creases that we've already created.

So nowonce we have the square base fold it up, so that you can work witheach of these four panels.

We're going to use what's called a squash fold.

So I'm goingto push own on the top of the paper, top of that edge and it's going to squash down justlike that.

And make sure that this line right here, lines up along the center line, so thatit's not off to the side a little bit like that or one way or the other, get it niceand lined up.

And we're going to do that on all four ofthe panels.

So if you want go ahead and fold that flap over, to get to that next panel,and then go ahead and push right down on it, just like that again, and that gets you thesquash fold.

That's the second one.

Flip it over and do it on all of them.

You might haveto get your finger up there inside a lot, so that it opens up the paper enough so that'llsquash all the way down nice and flat.

But sometimes you push down on it just right,you can get it to flap open pretty easily without too much trouble just like that.

There'sthe fourth one.

There we are and this is referred to as the flower base, which is useful becausewe're making a flower.

You're going to have two flaps on either side just like that.

We'regoing to use these white flaps as the bottom of the paper for right now, and what we'regoing to do, it's called a petal fold.

The petal fold consists of three differentfolds.

It's two kite folds and a book fold.

So what we're going to do is go ahead andmake this outside edge right here at the bottom, and fold both of those into the center.

Doit on the left hand side and then also the right hand side just like that.

Once we havethat, now we're going to fold the top of the paper all the way down to the bottom.

Andit's a lot of paper, but go ahead and give it a good squish.

And when we open it up those three folds,these two kite folds and this top down book fold, those are all just preliminary folds,so that we can get to the next step.

So unfold all three of them and you'll see that there'sthis nice triangle that we've created with our creases.

What we're going to do is we'regoing to take this flap right here, and I'm going to pick it up as far as it'll go, usingthis crease that we've made when we folded this down.

So right along that edge, we'regoing to pick that up and when this happens, you'll see as I stretch this forward, thesetwo flaps naturally want to go in, which h is great because we already made that foldright there with that kite fold.

So go ahead and use that fold that we justmade with the kite fold, and work our way up to the top, it'll make a brand new paneljust like that.

That's the petal fold, so I'll show you that once again from the beginning.

We open it up like this.

We pick this flap up right here and it flattens those othersides down and that's the petal fold, and we're going to do that on all four panels.

So go ahead and open it up to different flaps and start making all of these extra steps,just like this.

So the two kite folds and then luckily, there should be a little bitof that fold, where we folded the top down, because we folded it through all the layersof the paper.

So it should be there on all of the ones.

We shouldn't have to do that step again and then we pick it up for the petal fold.

Andmake sure when you're doing the petal fold that you've got the flaps oriented properly,so that you have the two white triangles down here at the bottom.

That's what you're goinghave to look at when you're making this.

Now we're going to rotate the paper around, becausethese four big extra flaps, those are going to be the petals that we're going to use forthe flower.

So that's going to turn into the top, so let's use that as the top right now.

And we're going to take each of these littletriangles that we made with the petal fold and fold those up, towards these extra petals.

So find all the flaps that we've got and fold all those little flaps up.

There should befour of them total.

There we go, all of them get folded up to the top.

And then the nextstep we are going to find a flap that's just the diamond shape like this.

So these areone of the flaps.

It's going to alternate between looking like this and this, you seeon both sides.

So find all the ones that look like this, and what we're going to do is we'regoing to thin the bottom, so this little edge right here.

These two edges on this outside bottom point,those are going to get folded into the center line just like this.

Make sure that it linesup all the way down from the bottom point into the middle section, and we're going todo eight of this total.

So go ahead and find any flap that has this nice, just one flatsheet of diamond paper, and then fold both flaps into the center like that.

Like I saidthere's eight times we're going to do that total to make this little fold.

Once you finishwith all of them, you'll have thinned the entire bottom of the Iris flower, looks likethis.

And once we've gotten to this point, this is the base for the entire flower.

The next thing is just to find the petals,which are these panels right here on the top.

We're going to open them up and we're goingto curl them.

So a good way to curl them, you can use your finger or another thing,if you have scissors or anything sharp or pointed, I use needle nose pliers for a lotof my origami.

But what we can do here is you can just sort of curl it like this.

Ifyou've ever made a ribbon before, that's the same sort of idea.

You could use your thumbup against an edge, and you can round the petals.

You do this for all four of the petals,to give it a nice curve, and you'll see the flower sort of start to come together at thispoint.

This is the opening up of the iris flower.

And then once you get all four of them youcurl it back, you can see you have a really nice iris flower.

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