How to make a Garland of Jasmine Flowers (Easy DIY technique without Needle)

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Today let's see how to tie Jasmine flowers into a Garland in a easy way Take a little cup of Jasmine flowers and water a bit and thread.

Now let's see how to choose jasmine flowers for garland for a starter its better to take a jasmine flower like this the petal should not be fully opened.

If you have a flower like this it is very difficult for a starter to tie a knot.

The thread should not be too thin or too thick tailoring thread is not suitable for a learner.

Take the thread like this apply little water keep the flower and one more hold it tightly turn one round and make a loop like this put it like this and slowly pull it.

Take one more one more like this one round take a loop like this pull it.

Step – 1 Step – 2 Step – 3 Step – 4 Step – 5 Step – 6 Step – 7 Step – 8 Step – 9 See the string like this.

Jasmine Garland is ready.

Source: Youtube