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Welcome to howtocookthat.

Net, I'm Ann Reardon.

Today I am going to show you how to make chocolate flowers.

To start with you're going to needa rolling pin or something round, two thin strips of baking paper, some melted chocolate,sticky tape and a Ziploc bag.

Pour your chocolate into the Ziploc bag andthen cut off one corner.

Start with a small cut because you can always make it biggerif it's too small.

I'll show you a few different petals.

First of all pipe some circles ina row on the baking paper.

And then I like to put the bag of chocolate into a bowl tostop it tipping out just bend the tip upwards.

Take a second sheet of baking paper and placeit over the top of your chocolate and then using your thumb or your finger, push thechocolate upwards making it into a petal shape.

Then peel the top sheet off, and this makesthem very thin so they have that petal-like look to them.

And then place the sheet overthe rolling pin so that the petals curl around and then once they set carefully peel themoff the paper.

For a second time, pipe some circles of chocolateand this time spread them out using a spoon to make them elongated and then cover themas before.

Make sure you are using tempered chocolate; otherwise your petals are goingto melt just as soon as you take them out of the fridge.

If you're not sure what temperedchocolate is then click on the link in the description below this video to go to thechocolate playlist and in there you will find a video on how to temper chocolate and anothervideo on what chocolate to use for chocolate decorations.

This type of petal that we'vejust made curls over at the top like in a flower that has been open for awhile The third type of petals that we are goingto make are the smaller ones that you'll need for the center of your flower.

For those placea circle of chocolate on your baking paper as you did before, spread them out using aspoon and then a second sheet of baking paper over the top and spread them out.

Peel itoff to make them thin, then put another sheet of baking paper over the top and roll it upinto a tube and use some sticky tape to keep it in that tube shape and then just allowit to set.

And then when you take them off the baking paper you can see that you've gotthose tight smaller petals for the center of your flower.

To put your flower together use a cookie cutterring and place a dollop of chocolate in the middle and then starting with the outer biggerpetals, put them around the edge, usually 4 or 5 petals is ideal.

Then I'm going touse the petals that curl over a little bit on the next row and then the smaller tighterchocolate petals right in the center.

If you don't have a cookie cutter ring that's circlelike that, you can just improvise and use some paper towel rolled into a circle or anythingthat you have that that's sort of shape just to give the petals some support while thechocolate is setting.

Once the chocolate is set you can take yourflowers and place them where you needed them.

For example in this one is on top of the chocolatecake.

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You guys are awesome, thank you.

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