How-to make a beautiful ✿ flower ✿ bracelet using a seed beads / МК: Цветочный браслет из бисера

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Hello! With you Anchikov Martynov! Today I will teach you to weave a very sweet and simple bracelet Bead "Flowers".

If you like to continue look! The material that we need: Czech beads №10, color can be very different, we will use the blue and blue flowers, and seredinku made of golden color.

And of course, accessories for padlock bracelet.

As well as the fishing line diameter 0.

25mm, scissors and a lighter.

Let's start! Cut off about two meters of fishing line.

At the beginning of strung beads 9, descend.

Then, at one end of line stringing a gold bead and go through its two ends fishing line from different angles.

We hold both ends of the fishing line and descend the bead down so we divide the line at the half.

Now on the right fishing line 1y gold bead stringing and 7 blue.

Go back down! Then we pass two extreme blue beads previous in this case, the first lobe.

And then the middle of a gold bead-second lobe.

The movement of circular turns, and with only one manipulation the end of the fishing line.

Then, in the same grove stringing a similar set of beads, it is important to always at the beginning of the first bead was the same color, what you want to do the middle of a flower.

And repeat The rotary movement.

Now take the other end line and will do the same in the mirror image.

Flower nearly ready now take 1 gold bead and pass her end of the line from different angles, tighten.

Further, on each side of a grove pass 2 beads closest petals.

strung on both fishing line two blue beads and another blue bead We go through the ends of the woods from different sides.

Flower is ready! If you start to spin on a cross, then we could have done such a ring.

And of course the fishing line need for such a product is much less, about 30cm.

Well, as we continue our bracelet.

Then pass 1y bead blue two ends of the fishing line.

This bead is more like if you decide to weave flowers of different colors.

Next to each grove We strung beads 4 and a gold color pass the ends of fishing lines from different sides.

The first tab is ready, and now similar to weave two on each side lobe, and a final in the previous flower.

In the end we strung on one of the lines 5 beads and iron ring and connect both ends of the fishing line.

Cut off the excess and podplavlyaem lighter.

Then I connect the clasp using pliers.

If you have a conventional lock-carabiner, it is enough to weave the last flower, and cling to the second lepestochek the end of bracelet.

Bracelet ready! Hope Did you like my master class, if so, let me know in the comments and remember, each brings Like release of the new video! Subscribe to my youtube channel if another not signed up, until we meet all bye-bye!.

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