How to Knit ROSE FLOWERS: Valentine’s Day DIY Craft

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How to Knit a ROSE Flower! Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to StudioKnit! Mother’s Day is upon us, and I thought it would be really fun to knit her up somebeautiful ROSES.

Perfect all year round and great as embellishments on lots of fashionsand home décor.

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For our materials, we will use any weightyarn and the appropriate sized knitting needles, Scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Your colorchoice is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.

So, to begin, we are going to CAST ON sixstitches.

Once we have cast on our six stitches, we are going to simply knit those six stitcheson Row One.

Next, we are going to do a Knit One and then a YARN OVER.

Now, this yarn overgoes clock-wise around your needle.

It's an increase.

So the yarn just stays there.

Andthen you knit one again and yarn over, and keep doing this on row two until you get tothe very last stitch, which is simply knit one.

So, with your increases, you now haveeleven stitches on your needle.

Now, for yarn overs, the yarn over part is pretty easy.

It's knitting the next row after the yarn over that can be a little tricky.

So, I'dsay, take your time and pay attention to which was the just the regular knit, right herewas the regular knit stitch, and that yarn over stitch is sort of at a diagonal therein the back.

So, now we are going to increase again from eleven to twenty one stitches inthe exactly same thing.

So, we are knitting and doing yarn over, and then on row five,we are going to again, just knit those twenty one stitches and again take your time.

Oh,it looks so pretty.

Here we are on row six, we are going to continue in the same way.

We are going to knit one and yarn over.

Knit one, yarn over, until we get to that laststitch, which is just a knit one.

Okay, row seven, we are going to knit those forty onestitches that just created with our increases.

So, we are just knitting all the way acrossthe row.

Now, it is our last increase row.

Row eight, we are going to knit and yarn over,knit and yarn over and this is going to take some time.

We are going from forty one stitchesall the way to eighty one stitches.

This is why I like to use longer needles, so you mightwant to keep that in mind when you're picking out your knitting needles that you'll use.

And again, on row nine, we are just knitting all the way across and definitely take yourtime, because those yarn overs can be a little tricky to knit.

Okay, here we are with oureighty one stitches and if you would like to make a special color edging like this righthere, then just switch your yarn color for your bind off.

So, this is our bind off row,And just knit tow, and then we just take that one stitch and pass it over and continue thisbind-off method all the way down our row.

And you'll see as we bind off, our row startsto take shape by sort of curling in as we are binding off.

So here we are at the veryend, just pass that stitch over, and taking our tapestry needle, we just go ahead andweave that yarn end through.

And let's take a look.

That's our six stitches right there,where we started and look it's sort of like a coil shape.

Really cool.

Kind of like arounded coil.

Then, we are just going to take one of our ends and start to curl it intoour ROSE shape.

What I really like to do is have the outside edges a little bit tallerthan the inside of my ROSE to create my rose shape.

You know, all flowers are different.

So however you chose to do it will be beautiful, as well.

Now, again, using your tapestry needle,on the end we will just lightly tack our rose together.

Now, depending on what you're usingyour Rose for, if it's not getting a lot of wear and tear, you can tack it really lightly.

If you're going to, say, put it on something like a pillow, then where it will get jostledaround a lot then you might want to tack it a little bit more securely.

And then I liketo take this yarn end down to the bottom of our flower, where we have that other yarnend and then all we have to do is tie them together.

And I'm just going to tie twiceso that they are secure.

And then I'm just going to cut my yarn ends.

So beautiful.

I hope you are inspired to knit a rose of your own.

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