How to Keep Flowers Fresh : Tips for Preserving Cut Flowers

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga, I'm representingexpertvillage.


How do we maintain fresh flowers whether they were given to you, youby them or you're going to buy them to give them away? Well, I can tell you one thing,these smell great and I just can't wait to go inside the house to display them.

Theseflowers are beautiful, what are we going to do? Are we going to put them in a vase, asmall container? Do we get them a plant food? What kind of plant food do they need? Howoften will they last? Can we prolong their life? Of course we can and that's why we'rehere today to guide you what to do with your fresh cut flowers.

Well, I can't wait to goinside the house and just display them and enjoy them, after all flowers equals energy.

That's right, energy.

Well come on let's finish this project and we're on our way to somefresh cut flowers and this is how we maintain our fresh cut flowers.

Source: Youtube