How to Keep Flowers Fresh : Basic Flower Maintenance: Tips for Preserving Cut Flowers

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representingexpertvillage.


Well, we've created two beautiful flower arrangements with our freshcut flowers, now we need to maintain them.

How do we maintain them? Well, we've got tochange the water at least every third day.

By doing this we're going to prolong the lifeof the flowers, that's exactly what we want to do, hopefully beyond two weeks.

Normallythe first day I like to add at least two aspirins to it.

It's going through that shock fromthe store to the home, it gets here at home and you have to trim it again, that's a lotof shock.

So do that and then on the third day when you rinse them, trim them again onthe bottom and then add the cut flower food and you should do this in a pattern and we'reall set.

Now stay away from the kitchen heat, that's the worse thing they can do to a flower,the sun as well, stay away.

When it comes to the ceiling fans, we don't place them underneathand definitely not underneath the AC vent, that's going to destroy the flowers.

We'vegot to keep them healthy, speaking of healthy, you know what you can do as well? Get a holdof that spray bottle, use that water spray, spray them on top.

They're going to love thatrain, it's going to be great and it's going to beautiful.

Follow these simple steps foryour maintenance and you'll have a fantastic flower and this is how we maintain our freshcut flowers.

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