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Big, bold and beautiful in your garden oron your table.

What if I told you that there was a family of plants that make great cutflowers that you can use in the house, they're easy to grow, you can have a succession ofblooms –so you can cut anytime you want, well, within season and within reason– andthat this plant comes back year-after-year–it's perennial.

Well, that would be these: lilies.

I love the fact that these blooms are bi-colored.

They have a deep, rich sort of orange, almostred center that gives way to a lovely apricot at the edge.

And the little speckles, well,they add a lot as well.

I love to arrange these, quite simply, with another flower form–likea hydrangea that's white and creamy and has a completely different flower form.

A big,round, ball-shaped flower contrasted with this–it's dynamite.

Now, come on over here,I wanna show you a bed that's finishing up.

Just take a look at these: These bloomed earlier.

And when you're thinking about lilies, think about this: What I have first is my Asiatics:They bloom first, and they're finishing up here.

Then come the L.


Hybrids: I just showedyou one of those–first crown.

And then, the next are the Oriental Hybrids to bloom,so you get the succession of bloom–early, mid and late, which is great.

Now, after theybloom –you see, I didn't cut these for flower arranging.

That is a seed head right there.

What you want to do is cut off your lilies, like this, and just discard the seed head.

And what happens is you wanna leave this foliage and bolster that bulb under there for nextyear's bloom.

So, that's the great thing about these lilies is they come back year-after-year.

And when you plant them, you wanna make sure you give them plenty of sun.

They like fullsun and the soil must drain well, otherwise, the bulbs will rot.

So, I just wanted to giveyou an example of lilies in a garden setting.

Earlier, I was showing you how I had themin rows for cutting, for using in the house.

But here, they're part of the landscape.

Here'sfirst crown, in bloom, with this backdrop of ninebark, which is very beautiful.

Andif you'll look here below, this was the first wave of Asiatics that have already flowered.

And what I need to do today is take off the seed heads, just as showed you before, andI will leave the foliage.

And next year, this display will come back.

By the way, this varietydown here is called Orange Pixie, and it bloomed about two weeks before these started flowering.

So, that's what I love in the garden– is that succession of color blocking –bold,bright, bloom– which you can get with these lilies.

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