How To Grow Fluorescent Flowers

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Okay folks, for those of you out there whowant to impress a certain special someone, we’ve got a psychedelic floral life hackusing a simple highlighter.

Here’s the trick: flowers show no discretionin the water they consume, so you can take advantage of that by adding dyes to the waterthat gives them life.

The dye in that highlighter of yours containsa water soluble, fluorescent compound called pyranine, and this stuff is the key.

So here’s what you do.

Get a highlighter, a couple white flowerswith their stems cut off, a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of sharp pliers, a papertowel, and a small, glass vase or cup with three ounces of water in it.

Oh, and of course don’t forget your blacklight.

First take your needle nose and pry the backof the highlighter off.

Now get your sharp ones and start trimmingoff some of that plastic so you can reach in and grab that ink reservoir with the needlenose plier.

Now you’re going to want to take it outand lay it on top of your paper towel, while you go get your water container.

You’re going to start pinching and drippinghighlighter ink from the reservoir into the water.

You want about 10 drops for every ounce ofwater in the container, so we’re shooting for thirty in this case.

Once you have your ink to water ratio down,put your flowers in.

After a full day, the petals will become fluorescentand absolutely stunning.

I mean really, take a look at that, it’samazing! Pro tip – you’ll want your flowers niceand thirsty, so you can deprive them of water for a little while, and they’ll slurp upthat pyranine water even faster.

Special thanks to the NSF’s Center for SustainableNanotechnology for working with us on this video.

Check out their blog, there’s a link downin the description, and hey, if you want to learn more about how fluorescence works atthe chemical level, check out this other video they helped us put together.

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