How to Frost Cupcakes with Cute Flowers – Decorating with Wilton Tips

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I'm Robyn Heirtzler, owner of Sweet Mercy,and I'm going to show you in a series of eight videos how to do these awesome flower cupcakes.

You've got your purple, your rose, you have this beautiful white pearly thing, and ofcourse, your shrubbery, because everyone needs shrubbery.

Anyway, check them all out.

IfI can make these than I'm pretty sure anybody can.

They're pretty simple but done the rightway they can look quite elegant.

We're going to do a gold cupcake.

Now thisone is just a series of rosettes, a very simple process that many of you have probably used.

We're going to use a little bit smaller star tip than the tip you typically use to makea big rosette (Wilton 22) over the entire top of the cupcake.

We'll do five around thesides, one on top.

Now if you happen do to six, that's not a major issue, just do itso they fit nicely and you've got a good even design across the top of the cupcake.

So youset your tip down and you're going to do kind of a loop, go around it and kind of pull itfree.

Do a loop on top, around it, pull it free.

And one right in the middle, right up on top.

And you've got a gold colored, rosette cupcake,very cute and if you're concerned about the cupcake showing through, go ahead and justfrost that before you do the rosettes on top and that will help hold all of the moisturein and cover all of the top of the cupcake.

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