How To Fake Flowers in Your Yard – How To Artificial Flowers In Your Yard

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Good morning to ya thanks for visiting my lauriePOP channel where ideas pop an idea that popped into my head is about fake flowers in my yard.

do you think i've fallen off my rocker well i haven't i'm sitting in my rocker here you have a looksy at my front yard can you tell which flowers are fake and which is real so i'm going to put some fake flowers in here and you see if it helps forget to lock or just more concern butthis is not what I love it I love it when you get this I just the three textsand I'll go if they never die they can see the stairs towards red but let's seehow it looks to both the spot but let's see your hair looks like a great goal isalways i also got some ferns and they are humongous $15 each here's what they look like so i realized this morning on like day 45 of this front yard project and i realized i never showed yall the big fern i bought so you're like onething I wanted you to see the scale of it it's like this big welcome to the jungle but when you put it in a pot it really does not look that bad does it it looks real to me but i don't need it to be that high one thing i wanted to remind yall is that fake flowers can be returned so if they don't fit the personality in the front of your house then you can return them even if it's been 45 days so I don't really care about the front yardand how it looks to be happy in my home i'm more intereseted in the inside of my house i want that to really speak the personality that i want people to see in my house but i don't want it to be fancy but I just want it to be warm and welcoming but for you that might be that's how your front yard is and you just want your front yard to speak love through your front yard and that is totally find and the way you can do that is by buying fake flowers so you can spread sunshine in whatever part of your yard you want to that's another good thing is that it's mobile so do you give it a good green thumbs up or a green thumbs down here's wishing you happy fake planting.

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