How To Dry Press Leaves or Flowers

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people used to come into Hobby Lobby allthe time and asked me for a leaves I was the first person manager for almost sixyears of all time well I have in my backyard maple tree andthere's a lot of leaves under that are red a lot of a mostly yellow right nowbut the leaves are falling on the ground here look there's quite a few of thematter is red variations pick up their sleeves up youcan pick them all up saving the summit are just like really pretty look atthose colors are really pretty gather all of those up get your pile of themand then find yourself a big fat book paper book like this one in his paperpages not the shiny was a good magazine your paper pages its heavy and then layyour leaves in the book like that show you have laid him in here like thiscolor tie down in a dry within a couple days they dry and you could take and put Hobby Lobby carries a floralpreservative spray that you can use on them or you could probably use a clearmatt lacquered you had had some handy if you don't have any handy can also usehair spray hairspray will also drive them or just leave a mark that peoplewho you can use it for you wanna be your fault able for Thanksgiving decoratingor whatever you need them for their super simple people don't realize howvaluable they are sorry this message this is my tablet here so but yeah justget a room up laying flat and they'll dry within a couple of days you can get a moment like this done here table and they were all curled up.

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