How to Draw a Calla Lily – How to Draw Flowers

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Hello my friends and welcometo another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznietoand today we will draw two beautiful Calla Lilies.

First we draw the general shapewith a pencil and then we do more detail.

I am drawing on thick paperbecause I am going to cut these lilies and use them as templates.

We do the leaves.

And then the stem.

Let´s do this other one in profile.

In my opinion this is one of themost beautiful and elegant flowers.

As I mentioned to you,now we will cut them.

Very well, excellent! Now we tone the backgroundwith a charcoal pencil, and then we smudge it with a chamois.

Let´s be careful to hold it tightso it doesn´t move.

And then the other one.

This is a very good way of toning the paperleaving white where the lilies will go.

Great! Now I will further tone the farther areas.

You can repeat this process untilyou achieve the intensity you want.

To smudge I use circular movements.

Erase any needed spotsand then I fix the background so it doesn´t smudge anymore.

I didn´t put it on this shotit was fake.

What happenes is that thissmells a lot so I did it outside.

Even if it is fixed I still usea white piece of paper to rest my hand.

And so do the details.

I will shade the flowerwith pencil, not with charcoal the pencil is lighter andI think is more appropriate for this.

For something really darkI would use the charcoal.

I like it! Let´s do the other one.

With the pencil we can also refinethe shape as needed.

And with a stump we can smoothen the pencil, if we wish so.

I want to use this occasion to wish you a fantastic year full of creations and success.

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