How to Detox Your House with Plants

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How to Detox Your House with Plants.

Everydayhousehold items can emit toxins that are unhealthy to breathe.

You can naturally remove thesetoxins by decorating your home with common houseplants.

You will need Spider plant Peacelily Bamboo palm Janet Craig Mother-in-law's tongue and chrysanthemums.

Step 1.

Get a spiderplant to reduce asthma-causing mold.

The spider plant grows quickly and throws out long stemsthat produce small flowers and decorative hanging plantlets.

The plantlets, or "babies,"produced by the spider plant can be rooted and transplanted to keep throughout your home.

Step 2.

Grow a peace lily, which is a tropical plant with striking white flowers.

The peacelily removes acetone, which is commonly used to make plastic and fibers.

Acetone is alsofound in tobacco smoke and car exhaust, which could be present in your home environment.

Step 3.

Keep a bamboo palm, also called a reed palm, to remove formaldehyde, benzene,and carbon monoxide from the air in your home.

Bamboo palms are popular indoor plants becausethey're tall and narrow, and they thrive in indoor climates.

Step 4.

Buy a Janet Craigto absorb gaseous chemicals produced by pressed-wood furniture, plastic bags, computer ink, carpeting,and conventional household cleansers and cosmetics.

Step 5.

Grow mother-in-law's tongue, alsocalled a snake plant, to absorb airborne toxins and to act as a natural humidifier.

Mother-in-law'stongues are easy to care for and make trouble-free detoxifiers.

Step 6.

Grow potted chrysanthemumsto absorb toxins like formaldehyde, which is found in plastics, household cleaners,upholstery, clothes, facial tissues, and paper towels.

Breathe easy knowing that you're protectingyour family and pets while beautifying your home with natural, detoxifying plants.

Didyou know In the late 1960s, Bill Wolverton discovered that swamp plants were eliminatingAgent Orange in the local waters near near Eglin Air Force Base.

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