How to Decorate Cake with Fresh Flowers | Cake Decorating

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So here I have a heart shaped cake and I'mjust going to use this as an example of how to use fresh flowers as decorations for acake.

And all I'm going to do is take some pink frosting just to prepare it.

And justvery, kind of, not worrying about it too much, I'm just going to make a little bit of a rufflegoing all around.

And you can see all I'm doing is kind of pushing and pulling towardsme.

And I'm going to do another one.

Just very easy, not worrying about it at all.

Andif you're frosting starts getting too soft just pop it back in the fridge.

All I'm doingis kind of making a little bed for my flowers to lay on.

And you can see I'm just goinga little bit over the edge just because I want almost a little bit of a boarder formy flowers.


I'm going to take that to the top just a little bit, just to coverthe surface.

You're not going to really see this part but just so that it's there.

Thequickest way to ice a cake ever.

And now I have some really beautiful freshflowers.

So what I'm going to do is, you want to make sure that your flowers aren't fullof pesticides, that they're organic, or that they're edible is even better if you can findedible flowers in your grocery store.

Definitely go that route.

But all I'm going to do istake them and trim them so they're a little bit shorter and I'm using a nice variety.

But keep in mind how deep your cake is and how big you want your flowers to be.

I'm goingto go nice and small.

If you want to, if your flowers aren't edible, or aren't edible youcould take just a small piece of tinfoil and you could just wrap your stem just to protectthe filling of your cake if you're nervous about it.

Just a quick little wrap.

And thatway when you insert into your cake nothing is kind of coming out of the flowers at all.

But if you're not worried about it you can just kind of start inserting your flowersright into your cake.

And I'm going to cover pretty much the entire surface here and makea little bouquet.

Really pretty.


So once you get your surface covered,and you don't have to put this many, but I just love having this kind of garden.

Andit's fun.

You can even dock the bottom with a little bit of.

You can do a little borderor do some candies around the bottom and just a really fun heart shaped flower cake.

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