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Now that I've properly soaked my Oasis FloralFoam and, placed it in the container, measured it to size, cut it and taped it securely,I wanna start adding some of my florals to the floral foam.

So, I like to use the greensand the other elements first to give myself a structure.

So, start thinking about how big do you wantthis arrangement to be, how intricate, and cut your flowers to the size you think youwant them.

So, let's start with the greens, we'll give ourselves that structure, thatframework.

So, I'm gonna cut these.

I don't know, about yay high and I'm going toclean a little bit of the foliage off the bottom of the stem because I'm going to placethe flowers in the foam with a few inches in the foam.

Think about the foam just asyou would think about water, it's going to soak up to the stem and keep that flower fresh,or that green fresh.

So, you want to make it's in there at least an inch or two.

And,I like to start with the middle of the structure and work out, so, that way, I'm ensuring I'mnot getting crazy big.

You, just like working with flowers in a vase, wanna make sure thatyou cut the greens and the flowers in the floral foam at an angle, giving a lot of surfacearea for the water to soak up.

And, everything you place in the floral foam,you should place in its position as straight as possible, even if you're going to be anglingout.

So, if you start at the top, you can slowly place things further and further downon the Oasis, but you don't want to place things at an angle that's very sharp, evenif you want it down here, because what happens is, the flowers go in, and you have a jumbleof stems underneath, and when you place something down, it can't sit in the Oasis.

The flowertip must sit in the Oasis, so that it can drink water.

So, I'm gong to start with myfirst piece of green, sticking straight up.

You want it far down enough, as I said, afew inches down, so that it can drink the water, and you don't want any of the stemsthat you placed subsequently to tangle up with that stem.

So, you just keep cutting.

Place it in.

You don't have to put a lot of pressure.

Spin it around.

And, even with just 3 pieces in here, you'restarting to see this take shape.

This is the really fun part about working with floralfoam, because you have a lot of control over the shape.

Anything heavy, or green, you wannastart putting in now, before any of the soft blooms.

Get kind of wild with your structure.

These branches are really fun, and they're quite heavy because the stem is woody, soyou want to put these in first.

If you tried to put these in later, it might get reallytight with all of the softer flowers you have and you might end up crushing some things.

Keep spinning.

Always spin your containers so that you make sure you're filling in allyour holes.

And, at the very end, we'll make sure thatthe lip of the vase is covered, with either greens or flowers, so that nobody can seeyour secret that you're using Oasis.

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