How to Crochet A Shawl: Flower Garden

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in today's tutorial you're going tolearn the garden flower shawl just like so this is an amazing pattern and let'sget started right now welcome back to the crochet crowd aswell as yarn inspirations.

com i'm your host Mikey today we're going to be experiencing twoparts in this video series this is part one and i'm going to be back with you ina couple weeks when we go to move on to part two and part number one we're goingto experience the flower itself you will notice that she is holding allthese little flowers that are joining together just like this and what's goingto be happening it today in part one is that I'm going to teach you how to makethe flower motif you need to make 39 of these now youhave not seen this yarn before this is called Bernat Dimensions it's a brand newyarn it will be available in stores near you very soon this is the spring of 2015 and storesare now starting to stock up with this and it will be available on yarninspirations.

Com as well in the future so you have to keep your eyes open forit Bernat Dimensions basically you can see here that has many differentthicknesses and there is a color transition that is kind of slow so youcan see that there's large sections of the same color and then it suddenlychanges to a new color which makes it very artistic so today I'm going to be teaching youhow to do the flower motif using a different yarn that's easier to see yourstitches and we're going to be examining this pattern more carefully so when examining the pattern it's calledthe garden flowers shawl provide a link in the more information of this videoand being able to get this free pattern you'll notice that there is actually nocrochet hook size mentioned within this pattern so what I just basically did that it iscalling for Karen simply soft just look at the yarn ball and you candetermine the size of hook that you want to do if you want more lacey justincrease your hook so when you turn the page and you can actually see that there are changing colors I used Bernat Dimensions because itbasically was changing color on its own so when I go to turn it over theinstructions are really quite simple there is one motif just like so and it'sactually really quick it only takes a few minutes to be able to make one ofthese then you have the actual joining itselfbut you need to actually get everything done first so there's thirty nine ofthese motifs and basically if you just follow the arrow you're going to startoff in the corner up here and basically just jump around and make the final edgearound each one of these and as you're doing it you will be joining it to aneighbor so all 39 have to be done so in today's part 1 I'm going to show you howto make these motifs just like so and again I encourage you to change yourcolors and where that you want to today again thereis a diagram here to be able to follow if you're unsure about the writteninstructions as well I love diagrams as you can tell so let'sbegin our pattern today I'm using Bernat supervalue in order todemonstrate the stitch the yarn is pretty easy to follow along and i'musing a size 6 millimeter size j crochet hook today let's start offwith a slip knot remember that it never counts as one we are going to then simply just chainsix so just make sure you don't ever start this is one so you go one two three four five andsix and that simply just join it to the beginning chain to form the center ringof your motif now you'll want to make sure that thechain is actually relatively loose you don't want to really tight stitches herebecause you have the jam twenty four single crochets all into the center andthose that are experienced a crochet know that that's a big deal so let's begin the next part let's beginround number one we're simply just going to chain one and then just singlecrochet inside the center ring for 24 times so we're just going to start off andjust single crochet so so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 11 and 12 now we have to get a total oftwenty-four but I've gone all the way around so because you're going aroundthe ring you can just simply just yank on it and just slide all these stitchesdown ok it's going to make it nice and tightand center so we were finishing on 12 so we got 13 14 15 16 and 17 and i'mgoing to slide it again so that was 17 and then 18 19 20 21 slide again 22 23 and 24 so I'm using a different size arecrochet hook versus what I did with the Bernat Dimensions and basically Ijust followed the yarn ball as far as the information that is provided inorder to get the same size crochet hook as well so let's begin to do the nextprocess in order to finish this off we have 24 in here we're just going to joinit to the beginning for a slip stitch to finalize off round number one so let's move on to round number two inround number two I had a hard time right in the very beginning of the first fewrounds to be able to understand what is actually going on here and it was just avisualization thing so what I want you to really payattention to the most is that you will notice that these stitches here see howthis chaining of five then goes over then down see how it's forming a V well basically there's eight petalsaround this motif and if you look at see there's a V there V there V there Vthere so I was getting confused when they start looking like they're straightparallel to each other but just visualize this as 8 V shapes as goingall the way around and i'll explain a little bit more that in just a moment so to begin this round we're just goingto simply chain five so one two three there's your double crochet there andthen four and five is the chain up of the actual pedal itself we're going to come into the very nextstitch and we are just going to double crochet and this is kind of the V shapethat I was just talking about so in between so this is a v-shape sowe're going to do another be shape over here but in order to get their first we haveto chain one skip one stitch and then just double crochet into the next likeso and then chain 2 so one and two and then come in to thevery next stitch two double crochet so these v-stitch looking items basicallyhave a chain too over the top of them and this is kind of what they look likeso there's a chain one in between the V shapes so let's begin again sowe're just going to chain one because we're in between the v-shape we're goingto skip one stitch and then double crochet into the next and then chain2 one and two and then coming into the next one for double crochet chain one so we're going to so that we are inbetween the V stitches now so we should skip one to go to the second overfor a double crochet chain two and then coming into the very next stitch for adouble crochet so in these V stitches here you will notice that you come intoone stitch you chain your two and then you come into one right beside it the ones in between so there's this isthe space in between the v-stitch look at looking at them there is going to be one skip stitchthere so let's begin again so just chain oneskip one stitch double crochet there and then chain two and then coming into thevery next stitch for finishing off that V stitch and you're going to continueto do that all the way around we're almost there are so we'll justkeep going so just chain one skip the next stitch chain 2 and then go into the nextstitch chain one skip the next stitch a chain 2 cause you're doing a V stitchchain one skip one stitch ok chain two and then come into thenext stitch and I'm almost all the way around I can almost see it here ok so what I want to do is I want tocount these V stitches so count this as together to go one two three four fivesix seven and eight and that's right so in order to join them together yougot a chain one first and then join to the third stitch up from the base withthe slip stitch just like so so this is what it looks like at thispoint and let's move along to your next round to begin the next round it'sreally quite simple we just have to actually slip stitch into this onto thegapping space here this is the chain 2 gap space just slip stitch before youbegin and now you're in the space and nowwe're ready to go so we're going to chain 2 only this counts as a halfdouble crochet and then we're going to have double crochet one more time so in actual fact you have two halfdouble crochets there and then you're going to chain two and then into thesame space half double crochet two more times so you're creating the flower petals ofthe starting eleven of them at least so this is the next V stitch here youcan see how their kind of really close together you can see that there's aspace here so in this space between the V stitchesyou're just going to do one single crochet and then begin again the repeatpattern so this is the in the V stitch you got to put two half double crochetschain 2 & 2 half double crochets all within the same space ok so the next space here is just inbetween the 2 V's just one single crochet and then coming into the nextspace what is it half double crochet for two times chain two and then half double crochet two times so you want to continue that samepattern going all the way around so i'll leave that to you and when we come back we'll experiencethe fourth row which is the final round of finishing off these motifs before you actually you start joining them together which will be part 2 i'm coming up all the wayback around and remember i still have to do my single crochet into the finalspace there before just joining it to the top of the chain two that we startedwith and so you should be able to count eight different kind of pedals so you'vegot one two three four five six seven and eight so if you have any more than eightsomething is wrong any less than eight something is wrong again let's begin the final round againanother very easy round coming up so the first thing we need to do in roundnumber four is that we need to slip stitch ourselves to the chain two spaceover here so we just have to go along the top of the stitches and just a slipstitch ourselves over to that space like that so now i'm in that space and ready to goso we're going to begin by chaining 3 which counts as a double crochet and wewant to double crochet three are two more times into the same space ok so there will be a total of threedouble crochets because my chaining of three counts as one of them and thenwe're just going to simply chain one and then three double crochets back into thesame space so this is making the flower petal evenmore bigger so basically the flower petal consistsof three double crochets chain 1 3 double crochets so the most trickiestpart is right here in between so this is see how this is the space coming up buthere is the single crochet so what you want to just do is that youwant to come in this side of it it's in the gapping space this side of thesingle crochet first single crochet and come into the other side of that singlecrochet for another single crochet so basically you've got a single crochetsitting on this side of the space and this one sitting on side and then we immediately start thepedals again so the pedals are three double crochet and i'll show you thatspace area one more time ok so we've got three double crochetchain 1 and 3 double crochet just like that so we come in and we'relooking for the the space you can see how they're kind of in parallel to eachother so those are the spaces in between the V stitches so we just look where thesingle crochet is we come on the one side from single crochet and we jump onthe other side for the for another single crochet and then begin again so this is how you would go all the wayaround so continue to do the same pattern all the way around meet you back upwith fasten off and this will conclude part number one of a two-part series ofhow to do the garden flower shawl when you get all the way back around don'tforget you still have to go into those single spaces than the space and asingle and on the other side of that single it's like so and this time you have tojust join it to the top of the beginning chain 3 and this concludes on how to dothe motif just fast in this off really nicely get it all prepared you need todo 39 of these for the garden shawl and when we come back in a few weeks I willbe going along in the pattern to show you how to attach to the neighbor so you'll notice that this.

look howbig this is compared to the other one that I had done just like so there is ahuge difference change the hook change the yarn you have a different projectand you know the bigger the flower the more faster a project would go anyway but you know the creativity is up to youchange the colors as often as you want and this becomes a really neat idea on behalf of yarnspirations.

Com as wellas the crochet crowd thank you for joining me today and until next timehave a fabulous day and we'll see you on facebook bye bye.

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